Lithium Polymer Battery 1000mAh LP353571 3.7V 1000mAh for Fully Automated Puff-off tester

Fully automated pull-off testers are a vital device for measuring the bond strength of coatings and cementitious materials. In construction repairs, the tenacious strength between the repair material and the substrate will define the quality of the concrete repair. It is the most widely used in the fields of development: civil engineering roadworks, such as the bonding strength of mortar and plaster, the bonding strength of asphalt and the adhesion of ceramic tile strength, coating and coating adhesion strength and repairing materials such as bonding strength of high precision measurement.

It can get accurate measurement data in the following specific repair areas :

• Adhesive strength of mortars and renders

• Adhesive strength of asphalt Adhesive strength of tiles

• Bond strength of coatings and overlays

• Bond strength of repair materials

It has a whole test disc and flexible pin configuration, simple key parameter programming, and fully automated testing, and load rate can also readily conform to standard debugging. On the other hand, it can store complete test records. Because it has a powerful memory for recording 100 measurements and powerful battery – Lithium Polymer Battery 1000mAh LP353571 3.7V 1000mAh, which allows the device to measure at least 50 times. The real-time view of the actual load rate graph can be linked via the PC software: DY-2, even connected and fast charged by USB or PC.

It protects the safety of the buildings we live in, providing critical and reliable data metrics. Lithium Polymer Battery 1000mAh provide reliable power for fully automated pull-off testers, making complex, heavy-duty operations in the past straightforward and easy to carry.

Lithium Polymer battery 1000mAh Details

Battery Type

Lithium Polymer Battery

Part Number


Voltage @ Capacity

3,7V @ 1000mAh




AWG 28, 50mm x 2pcs



Protection Circuit Overdischarge Trip Voltage


Thermistor (NTC)



34 x 34 x 8,0mm

Charge Temperature

0°C to +45°C

Disharge Temperature

-20°C to +60°C

Storage Temperature

-20°C to +45°C

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