High Rate Discharge Lithium Polymer Battery 

Higher Work Current 5C~50C & Stable, Safe 

3.7V Prismatic Cell 5C, 8C, 10C, 15C, 20C, 25C, 30C, 35C, 40C, 50C

Special PCM (protection circuit) for Supportting High dicharging, Stable & Safe

high rate discharge lithium polymer battery need to be rapid discharged in a short period. If you select the unquality high rate discharge lithium polymer battery, it may leads to short-circuit of lithium polymer battery and even have destory to your devices. So it is important to select unbeatable one to work for you. Our battery engineers put into more design more effort and high technology to design,manufacture high rate discharge lithium polymer battery, and custom special PCM that for some personal need. The sepcial PCM can ensure high rate discharge lithium polymer battery to be more stable, safe and durable when high discharging.

High Rate Discharge Lithium Polymer Battery-50C

ModelCapacity(mAh) C ratingLength
LPHD75350621250 mAh50C62357.53.7V
LPHD68340801300 mAh50C80346.83.7V
LPHD32611001600 mAh50C100613.23.7V
LPHD60600601700 mAh50C60606.03.7V
LPHD47650801800 mAh50C80654.73.7V
LPHD36780952000 mAh50C95783.63.7V
LPHD42680982100 mAh50C98684.23.7V
LPHD60600802300 mAh50C80606.03.7V
LPHD36950962600 mAh50C96953.63.7V
LPHD68521062950 mAh50C106526.83.7V
LPHD75650803200 mAh50C80657.53.7V
LPHD73421253200 mAh50C125427.33.7V
LPHD88600803200 mAh50C80608.83.7V
LPHD74421253500 mAh50C125427.43.7V
LPHD80680884000 mAh50C88688.03.7V
LPHD90431284000 mAh50C128439.03.7V
LPHD93481355000 mAh50C135489.33.7V
LPHDA0431255000 mAh50C1254310.03.7V
LPHD72701305400 mAh50C130707.23.7V
LPHD88701307000 mAh50C130708.83.7V
LPHD92671357000 mAh50C135679.23.7V
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