Best Lithium Polymer Battery 3.7V 10000mAh or above

Huge Selection, Density Power, Compact Shape

Over 2,000+ in-stock lithium polymer batteries for evaluate & mechanical design.

Find Best Lithium Polymer Batteries for evaluate & prototype, lock your mechanical design timely.

Accurate size & Stable,Safe with Japan IC+Mos & Affordable Price & Great Service

Custom compact shape fit your mechanical design perfectly, Huge range of Samples to select <Capacity: 8mAh-12000mAh & Thickness 0.7mm-14.00mm>.
3-5 days lead-time & 24hours full Quote, Accept small order

Free assemble Connectors/NTC/PCM on battery for your test

Fast global delivery,Rigorous test&charge 60% befor shippment.

Lithium Polymer Battery 10000mAh or above

The 10000mAh+ Lithium Polymer batteries we made for the devices which need longer working time without charging every day. If you are designing a new device, you can find someones here with different length, different width & different thickness but higher capacity, lower internal resistance, longer battery life, lower self-discharge current. The 10000mAh Lithium Polymer Batteries are safer when we assemble a protection circuit module (PCM) & thermistor (NTC).

Ask Lithium Polymer Battery 10000mAh+ Data-sheet & Price now! Fast Reply within Few Hours! Longer working time! New Design Support. Find Best Battery Seller from China. Premium Quality & Lithium Polymer Battery Exporter.

We have more experience in international shipment to your country from China manufacturer via UPS, DHL or FedEx door to door service.

Samples & small orders are acceptable!

Lithium Polymer Batteries 3.7V 10000mAh or Above
LP106512310000 mAh1236510.03.7V
LP106612110000 mAh1216610.03.7V
LP115811510000 mAh1155811.03.7V
LP116010010000 mAh1006011.03.7V
LP116511310000 mAh1136511.03.7V
LP619512510000 mAh125956.13.7V
LP807012010000 mAh120708.03.7V
LP847211310000 mAh113728.43.7V
LP886722010000 mAh220678.83.7V
LP887012910000 mAh129708.83.7V
LP937312910000 mAh129739.33.7V
LP985810210000 mAh102589.83.7V
LP996011510000 mAh115609.93.7V
LP8510011512000 mAh1151008.53.7V
10000mAh Standard Lithium Polymer Batteries LP8873129 3.7V 10000mAh

10000mAh Standard Lithium Polymer Batteries LP8873129 3.7V 10000mAh

10000mAh Standard Lithium Polymer Batteries LP8873129 3.7V 10000mAh With PCM &  wires 50mm  Model  LP8873129 Type Standard Lithium Polymer Batteries LP8873129 Capacity 10000mAh Voltage 3.7V Energy 37Wh Net Weight 200 g Detail Protection circuit&50mm wires...

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