Stability of Lithium-ion Batteries

Insights from LiPol, a Trusted Lithium Polymer Battery Manufacturer, LiPol is a renowned lithium polymer battery manufacturer with extensive experience producing both lithium polymer and lithium-ion batteries. In this article, we will discuss the stability of lithium-ion batteries and how they compare to lithium-polymer batteries. Our goal is to help you decide when choosing the correct battery for your needs, whether you’re looking for a lithium polymer battery, lithium-ion battery, or custom battery solutions.

Chemical Stability
Lithium-ion batteries are generally stable under normal operating conditions. They use a lithium-based cathode and a graphite anode, with an electrolyte from lithium salts dissolved in organic solvents. This combination of materials provides a stable chemical environment. However, when subjected to extreme conditions, such as high temperatures or overcharging, lithium-ion batteries may become unstable and pose safety risks.

Thermal Runaway
One of the primary concerns with lithium-ion batteries is the potential for thermal runaway. This occurs when the battery’s internal temperature rises uncontrollably, potentially leading to a fire or explosion. While thermal runaway is relatively rare, it can be triggered by overcharging, short-circuiting, or exposure to high temperatures.

On the other hand, lithium polymer batteries use a solid or gel-like electrolyte that is less prone to leakage and has a lower risk of thermal runaway. This makes them a safer alternative in some applications.

Safety Features
To ensure stability and safety, lithium-ion batteries often include built-in safety features, such as:

The Overcharge protection prevents the Lithium polymer battery from being charged beyond capacity, reducing the risk of thermal runaway.
Temperature sensors monitor the battery’s internal temperature and can shut down the charging or discharging process if it becomes too hot.
Short-circuit protection: This feature prevents excessive current from flowing through the battery, which can cause damage or trigger thermal runaway.
Proper Handling and Use
The stability of lithium-ion batteries can be maintained through proper handling and use:

Use compatible chargers: Always use a charger specifically designed for lithium-ion batteries to avoid overcharging or damaging the battery.
Avoid extreme temperatures: Keep lithium-ion batteries away from direct sunlight and heat sources, as high temperatures can negatively affect battery performance and stability.
Store correctly: Store your lithium-ion batteries in a cool, dry place and at the recommended voltage level to maintain their stability.

Lithium-ion batteries are generally stable under normal operating conditions, but precautions should be taken to ensure their safe use. At LiPol, we are committed to providing customers with high-quality lithium polymer batteries, lithium-ion batteries, and custom battery solutions. LiPol is the ideal partner for all your lithium polymer battery needs, contact lipol to learn more about lithium polymer batteries and lithium ion batteries.

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Popular cylindrical Lithium-ion batteries, cylindrical shape and uses lithium-ion chemistry. These Lithium-ion batteries are commonly found in various electronic devices and applications due to their high energy density, lightweight, and long cycle life.
ModelVoltageCapacityC-RateDiameter (mm)Height (mm)ResistanceWeight

Li-ion Battery

LiPol Manufacturer Supply kinds of Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, such as Lithium-Ion Battery LP18650(diameter 18mm, length 65mm), Lithium-Ion Battery LP26650(diameter 26mm, length 65mm), Lithium-Ion Battery LP21700(diameter 21mm, length 70mm).
LP18650P3.7V3000 mAh18.5*70 mm
LP18650S3.7V3350 mAh18.5*70 mm
LP18650D3.7V2200 mAh18.5*70 mm
LP18650C3.7V2600 mAh18.5*70 mm
LP18650B3.7V2800 mAh18.5*70 mm
LP18650A3.7V3200 mAh18.5*70 mm
LP18650A+3.7V3500 mAh18.5*70 mm
LP18650P 2P3.7V6000 mAh19*37*67 mm
LP18650S 2P3.7V6700 mAh19*37*67 mm
LP18650D 2P3.7V4400 mAh19*37*67 mm
LP18650C 2P3.7V5200 mAh19*37*67 mm
LP18650B 2P3.7V5600 mAh19*37*67 mm
LP18650A 2P3.7V6400 mAh19*37*67 mm
LP18650A+ 2P3.7V7000 mAh19*37*67 mm
LP18650P 3P3.7V9000 mAh19*56*70 mm
LP18650S 3P3.7V10050 mAh19*56*70 mm
LP18650D 3P3.7V6600 mAh19*56*70 mm
LP18650C 3P3.7V7800 mAh19*56*70 mm
LP18650B 3P3.7V8400 mAh19*56*70 mm
LP18650A 3P3.7V9600 mAh19*56*70 mm
LP18650A+ 3P3.7V10500 mAh19*56*70 mm
LP18650P 2S7.4 V3000 mAh19*37*67 mm
LP18650S 2S7.4 V3350 mAh19*37*67 mm
LP18650D 2S7.4 V2200 mAh19*37*67 mm
LP18650C 2S7.4 V2600 mAh19*37*67 mm
LP18650B 2S7.4 V2800 mAh19*37*67 mm
LP18650A 2S7.4 V3200 mAh19*37*67 mm
LP18650A+ 2S7.4 V3500 mAh19*37*67 mm
LP18650P 3S11.1 V3000 mAh19*56*70 mm
LP18650S 3S11.1 V3350 mAh19*56*70 mm
LP18650D 3S11.1 V2200 mAh19*56*70 mm
LP18650C 3S11.1 V2600 mAh19*56*70 mm
LP18650B 3S11.1 V2800 mAh19*56*70 mm
LP18650A 3S11.1 V3200 mAh19*56*70 mm
LP18650A+ 3S11.1 V3500 mAh19*56*70 mm
LP26650A3.6V 5000mAh26*65 mm
LP26650B3.6V4500mAh26*65 mm
LP26650C3.6V4000mAh26*65 mm
LP21700A+3.7V5000mAh21*70 mm
LP21700A3.7V4800mAh21*70 mm
LP21700B3.7V4500mAh21*70 mm
LP21700C3.7V4000mAh21*70 mm
LP301001063.7V5000 mAh3.0100106
LP281091403.7V5000 mAh2.8109140
LP251351503.7V5000 mAh2.5135150
LP251011563.7V5000 mAh2.5101156
LP80481453.7V5000 mAh8.048145
LP75581103.7V5000 mAh7.558110
LP66651433.7V5000 mAh6.665143
LP65501203.7V5000 mAh6.550120
LP64611133.7V5000 mAh6.461113
LP60521153.7V5000 mAh6.052115
LP57581023.7V5000 mAh5.758102
LP56581153.7V5000 mAh5.658115
LP55651133.7V5000 mAh5.565113
LP55581103.7V5000 mAh5.558110
LP50681083.7V5000 mAh5.068108
LP46951003.7V5000 mAh4.695100
LP40661253.7V5000 mAh4.066125
LP30981603.7V5000 mAh3.098160
LP27981173.7V5000 mAh2.798117
LP8060903.7V5000 mAh8.06090
LP8059863.7V5000 mAh8.05986
LP6854983.7V5000 mAh6.85498
LP6380953.7V5000 mAh6.38095
LP6160953.7V5000 mAh6.16095
LP5854973.7V5000 mAh5.85497
LP5262933.7V5000 mAh5.26293
LP4666993.7V5000 mAh4.66699
LP4298983.7V5000 mAh4.29898
LP1159573.7V5000 mAh115957
LP1252783.7V5000 mAh125278
LP38791373.7V5000 mAh3.879137
LP49841033.7V5000 mAh4.984103
LP80631643.7V5000 mAh8.063164
LP85421153.7V5000 mAh8.542115
LP4091913.7V5070 mAh4.09191
LP38721283.7V5100 mAh3.872128
LP32751513.7V5100 mAh3.275151
LP9053853.7V5100 mAh9.05385
LP6769913.7V5100 mAh6.76991
LP4371973.7V5100 mAh4.37197
LP67651133.7V5200 mAh6.765113
LP64651023.7V5200 mAh6.465102
LP62401443.7V5200 mAh6.240144
LP35741523.7V5200 mAh3.574152
LP7462793.7V5200 mAh7.46279
LP6077773.7V5200 mAh6.07777
LP6065883.7V5200 mAh6.06588
LP27861623.7V5210 mAh2.786162
LP261101333.7V5300 mAh2.6110133
LP241021523.7V5300 mAh2.4102152
LP37871473.7V5300 mAh3.787147
LP8151953.7V5300 mAh8.15195
LP6764853.7V5300 mAh6.76485
LP9249903.7V5300 mAh9.24990
LP53621253.7V5350 mAh5.362125
LP4787853.7V5380 mAh4.78785
LP80441253.7V5600 mAh8.044125
LP86591033.7V5700 mAh8.659103
LP5373943.7V5700 mAh5.37394
LP1046963.7V5800 mAh104696
LP5567973.7V5900 mAh5.56797
LP82521173.7V6000 mAh8.252117
LP79491163.7V6000 mAh7.949116
LP75681353.7V6000 mAh7.568135
LP50108933.7V6000 mAh5.010893
LP9068803.7V6000 mAh9.06880
LP9056983.7V6000 mAh9.05698
LP80631003.7V6000 mAh8.063100
LP80641003.7V6000 mAh8.064100
LP85421363.7V6000 mAh8.542136
LP9652923.7V6000 mAh9.65292
LP70481213.7V6100 mAh7.048121
LP8463953.7V6100 mAh8.46395
LP95511193.7V6500 mAh9.551119
LP88511173.7V6500 mAh8.851117
LP73651253.7V7000 mAh7.365125
LP60721553.7V7000 mAh6.072155
LP75661213.7V7200 mAh7.566121
LP75691243.7V7500 mAh7.569124
LP12501003.7V7500 mAh1250100
LP83661213.7V8000 mAh8.366121
LP57951303.7V9000 mAh5.795130