Slight lithium battery for health tracking headband

Our slight lithium battery is used for more and more headbands and the applications because these batteries have a smaller width from 8mm to 19mm but the length is significant. They can be built-in limited and narrow space. The following application is health tracking headband.

Because Dreams & Sleep are vital for optimal health and happiness. It is not a medical device. It is a consumer electronic product not meant to diagnose or treat any disease or illness. Brain cells use electrical pulses to transmit messages. Electroencephalography(EGG) is a technology to measure brains faces, which are the summed electrical activities of many neurons. It is the EEG headband that reads and records activity in the brain through its dry electrodes.

Lucid dreaming has been researched scientifically. Many psychologists and researchers have recognized that lucid dreams can help with artistic creativity, problem-solving, improving sports and language skills, and can even help people prone to nightmares to get their fears under control. Health Tracking Headband uses slight lithium ion polymer battery which is durable using.You can charge the health tracking headband through a standard micro USB interface.

We are looking forward to your feedback and improvement suggestions to develop the world-class product. Technical specifications will evolve during development such that we can deliver the best EEG brain sensing and health tracking headband for you! In developer edition, it provides access to process as well as raw EEG data so that developers can use standalone or integrate it in numerous Bluetooth controlled applications to create amazing new experiences.

• EEG brain sensing functionality

• Integrated health tracking sensors

• Auto learning software algorithm

• Audio-visual stimuli through RGB LEDs on iBand+ and compact pillow speakers

• App with pre-loaded audios, provides sleep statistics and improvement suggestions by using slight lithium ion polymer battery

In developer edition, the health tracking headband provides access to processed EEG frequency spectrums (Alpha, Beta, etc.) together with raw EEG data so that developers can use as standalone or integrate it into many Bluetooth controlled applications to create amazing new experiences. Developers can publish their apps on the website that would enable everyone to use in many other ways.


• The headband strap made of high quality soft and breathable fabric for superior comfort.

• Low power Bluetooth 4.0 module that wirelessly syncs with your smartphone.

• 4 LEDs placed at eye distances that optimally cover almost all the face sizes.

• With RGB LEDs users can customize the colors of the visual cues as per individual preferences.

• 1 x slight lithium ion polymer battery LP421266 3.7V 300mAh 1.11Wh

Slight Lithium Battery Details

Battery Type

Slight Lithium Battery Details

Part Number


Voltage @ Capacity

3,7V @ 65mAh




AWG 30, 50mm x 3pcs



Protection Circuit Overdischarge Trip Voltage


Thermistor (NTC)

10K 1%@+25C


23 x 13 x 3,0mm

Charge Temperature

0°C to +45°C

Disharge Temperature

-20°C to +60°C

Storage Temperature

-20°C to +45°C

Similar Slight Lithium Batteries – thickness < 3.9mm

LP30101625 mAh101633.7V
LP30103060 mAh103033.7V
LP30121830 mAh121833.7V
LP30122555 mAh122533.7V
LP30132365 mAh132333.7V
LP301360180 mAh136033.7V
LP30152265 mAh152233.7V
LP30152585 mAh152533.7V
LP30153095 mAh153033.7V
LP30173090 mAh173033.7V
LP301745180 mAh174533.7V
LP301828110 mAh182833.7V
LP30192595 mAh192533.7V
LP31101323 mAh10133.13.7V
LP31122260 mAh12223.13.7V
LP32152270 mAh15223.23.7V
LP321672320 mAh16723.23.7V
LP33083350 mAh8333.33.7V
LP33103070 mAh10303.33.7V
LP33161450 mAh16143.33.7V
LP34111425 mAh11143.43.7V
LP34132890 mAh13283.43.7V
LP341752275 mAh17523.43.7V
LP341921120 mAh19213.43.7V
LP35092557 mAh9253.53.7V
LP35103065 mAh10303.53.7V
LP35112045 mAh11203.53.7V
LP35112145 mAh11213.53.7V
LP351133100 mAh11333.53.7V
LP35152580 mAh15253.53.7V
LP35123080 mAh12303.53.7V
LP35152585 mAh15253.53.7V
LP35162395 mAh16233.53.7V
LP351672360 mAh16723.53.7V
LP351730360 mAh17303.53.7V
LP351735170 mAh17353.53.7V
LP36091945 mAh9193.63.7V
LP36112275 mAh11223.63.7V
LP37102360 mAh10233.73.7V
LP38092050 mAh9203.83.7V
LP38102050 mAh10203.83.7V
LP38102980 mAh10293.83.7V
LP38122372 mAh12233.83.7V
LP381528100 mAh15283.83.7V
LP381530110 mAh15303.83.7V
LP381725110 mAh17253.83.7V
LP381921130 mAh19213.83.7V
LP39082960 mAh8293.93.7V
LP39111950 mAh11193.93.7V
LP39152070 mAh15203.93.7V
LP39172090 mAh17203.93.7V

Similar Slight Lithium Batteries 3.9mm< thickness < 4.9mm

LP40092570 mAh9254.03.7V
LP40101740 mAh10174.03.7V
LP40102565 mAh10254.03.7V
LP40103090 mAh10304.03.7V
LP40103595 mAh10354.03.7V
LP40111960 mAh11194.03.7V
LP40112365 mAh11234.03.7V
LP401133110 mAh11334.03.7V
LP40122060 mAh12204.03.7V
LP40122378 mAh12234.03.7V
LP401230110 mAh12304.03.7V
LP401235120 mAh12354.03.7V
LP401248175 mAh12484.03.7V
LP401522100 mAh15224.03.7V
LP401537170 mAh15374.03.7V
LP401730160 mAh17304.03.7V
LP411166230 mAh11664.13.7V
LP42091940 mAh9194.23.7V
LP421266300 mAh12664.23.7V
LP421730175 mAh17304.23.7V
LP43092865 mAh9284.33.7V
LP44103090 mAh10304.43.7V
LP441133120 mAh11334.43.7V
LP45082455 mAh8244.53.7V
LP45093495 mAh9344.53.7V
LP45102050 mAh10204.53.7V
LP45111333 mAh11134.53.7V
LP451165300 mAh11654.53.7V
LP451225100 mAh12254.53.7V
LP45131342 mAh13134.53.7V
LP45132390 mAh13234.53.7V
LP451430150 mAh14304.53.7V
LP451646300 mAh16464.53.7V
LP461535230 mAh15354.63.7V
LP461730185 mAh17304.63.7V
LP47121342 mAh12134.73.7V
LP471342220 mAh13424.73.7V
LP471360330 mAh13604.73.7V
LP481037130 mAh10374.83.7V
LP48111965 mAh11194.83.7V
LP48122070 mAh12204.83.7V
LP481449300 mAh14494.83.7V
LP48151680 mAh15164.83.7V
LP481525120 mAh15254.83.7V
LP481730195 mAh17304.83.7V
LP481738300 mAh17384.83.7V
LP491133150 mAh11334.93.7V
LP491360320 mAh13604.93.7V

Similar Slight Lithium Batteries 4.9mm< thickness < 5.5mm

LP50082995 mAh8295.03.7V
LP50102075 mAh10205.03.7V
LP50102385 mAh10235.03.7V
LP501050195 mAh10505.03.7V
LP50112185 mAh11215.03.7V
LP50122080 mAh12205.03.7V
LP501223100 mAh12235.03.7V
LP501225110 mAh12255.03.7V
LP501230120 mAh12305.03.7V
LP501240190 mAh12405.03.7V
LP50141985 mAh14195.03.7V
LP501429150 mAh14295.03.7V
LP501630200 mAh16305.03.7V
LP501646300 mAh16465.03.7V
LP501838300 mAh18385.03.7V
LP501927210 mAh19275.03.7V
LP512028230 mAh20285.13.7V
LP521225110 mAh12255.23.7V
LP521725170 mAh17255.23.7V
LP531732250 mAh17325.33.7V
LP54141580 mAh14155.43.7V
LP541841370 mAh18415.43.7V
LP55121345 mAh12135.53.7V
LP55121455 mAh12145.53.7V
LP551230140 mAh12305.53.7V
LP551233180 mAh12335.53.7V
LP551323120 mAh13235.53.7V
LP55141580 mAh14155.53.7V
LP551530200 mAh15305.53.7V
LP551730220 mAh17305.53.7V
LP551732250 mAh17325.53.7V
LP551927230 mAh19275.53.7V

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