Lithium Polymer Battery LP553030 3.7V 450mAh for Mobile Sensors

There is kind of wearable sensor built-in Lithium Polymer Battery LP553030 3.7V 450mAh, which can measure not only just activity level, it can also measure tremor, gait, turning and balance as well. Without using the lab, the data of your natural movements all day long can be easily recorded.

Different from other wearable sensors, there’re various of advantages more than you can imagine. Logging the big data of natural movements throughout the day; Transmit the data non-stop and with real-time process within 30 minutes; The data will never get lost;

Built in a Lithium Polymer Battery which has a long working life; Using anywhere, the lab, playground, at home and in travel, etc;

Able to work in wireless network and precise time synchronization. What’s more, it came with accessories including wireless communication hub, docking station.

And straps. Besides, it’s worthwhile to mention the Lithium Polymer Battery also along with, which extend the service life of the wearable sensors.

Lithium Polymer Battery Details

Measuring Range

Battery TypeLithium Polymer Battery
Part NumberLP553030
Voltage @ Capacity3,7V @ 450mAh
WiresAWG 28, 50mm x 3pcs
Protection Circuit Overdischarge Trip Voltage3.0V
Thermistor (NTC)8205A 10K 1%@+25C
Dimension30 x 30 x 5,5mm
Charge Temperature0°C to +45°C
Disharge Temperature-20°C to +60°C
Storage Temperature-20°C to +45°C

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