Lithium Polymer Batteries LP403035 400mAh used for Smart Shoes

With 300 times charging, 3 hours duration, 400mAh capacity, LP403035 Lithium Polymer Batteries inside keeps the sneakers shiny all night, IP67 waterproof also keeps your feet clean and dry.

With Lithium Polymer Batteries inside, the smart sneakers lets you turn on and turn off the lights with flip feet control. Easily turn the lights on or off whenever you choose with a quick turn of your foot from left to right.

Simply place the magnet close to the shoes, it will automatically attach and start charging.

Smart sneakers go with you comfortably from casual days to the wildest all-night parties, it provides different light modes for the user to choose from. Whether you’re standing, walking,  Skateboarding

, running, dancing or other outdoor activities at night, shiny light design will fully light up your feet for a unique look in the dark, Increasing the safety for night activities.

Users can customize the sole lighting effects with different flashing frequencies according to the height of the foot position. When you are walking, it will light up your foot. When your foot is lifted, the light will flash. The light will present different flash frequencies based on your foot movement, you can adjust different light effects and customize various colors with the app, 17 different light colors using the APP and adjust other parameters depending upon needs and preferences, The lights can be set to blink or stay constantly illuminated, 

You can quickly see how many steps you’ve taken. The lights will change as your step numbers increase. It helps motivate you to walk more every day and stay committed to your fitness goals. The more steps you take, the more different colors you can unlock, 

Bridge-like structure and buckle design, providing all-around comfort, anti-slip and wear-resistant, An icy translucent outsole sits under the ball of your foot, with water-resistant and breathable. You will never worry about being caught out in the rain.

With the latest fabric technology and trend-setting design concepts, stylish and comfortable, from the inside out.

Highly improves the cushion and rebound ability of the sole with the application of ETPU technology, ultra-comfortable with better energy return than typical sneakers, 

Battery Type

Lithium Polymer Batteries LP403035 400mAh

Part Number


Voltage @ Capacity

3.7V @ 400mAh




AWG28 UL1571 50mm





Thermistor (NTC)


Charge Temperature

10°C to +45°C

Discharge Temperature

0°C to +60°C

Storage Temperature

-10°C to +45°C

lipo battery for smart shoes