Custom LiPoly Battery Pack LP805048 2200mAh for Car Gadget

Lithium Battery Manufacture provides a Custom LiPoly Battery pack for Car gadget that the world´s first digital assistant for drivers. It has unbeatable performance of conversational interaction and artificial intelligence. The driver can have a genuine conversation with the car gadget. It can make a personalized response to whatever you said. What’s more, it has high sensitivity for drivers’ voice and gesture. The driver can switch functions operate by voice or swing hands, not need you click it by your fingers. Additional, built-in custom LiPoly Battery pack LP805048 3.7V 2200mAh can run a long time for car gadget. A single cell can work 3-5years when using it correctly & pretty durable.

Car gadget is also actively assisting the driver to deal with the business. It can read messages, and you only need to tell it what needs to answer. It can edit the message content by listening to your voice. Of course, you do not have to worry about car gadget will be suddenly unable to work because of no electricity. Because the built-in custom lipo battery has a deficient self-discharge capacity, the car gadget can work for 2-3 days when charging a one time.

Custom LiPoly Battery Pack Details  

Battery Type

Custom LiPoly Battery Pack

Part Number


Voltage @ Capacity

3,7V @ 2200mAh




AWG 26, 50mm x 2pcs



Protection Circuit Overdischarge Trip Voltage


Thermistor (NTC)



50 x 48 x 8,0mm

Charge Temperature

0°C to +45°C

Disharge Temperature

-20°C to +60°C

Storage Temperature

-20°C to +45°C

Custom LiPoly Batteries:

LP5044461100 mAh46445.03.7V
LP5045561200 mAh56455.03.7V
LP5050521600 mAh52505.03.7V
LP5050601750 mAh60505.03.7V
LP5050641800 mAh64505.03.7V
LP5061662400 mAh66615.03.7V
LP5250581800 mAh58505.23.7V
LP5250701950 mAh70505.23.7V
LP5263703100 mAh70635.23.7V
LP5273774600 mAh77735.23.7V
LP5350561600 mAh56505.33.7V
LP5351552080 mAh55515.33.7V
LP5458662500 mAh66585.43.7V
LP5550601800 mAh60505.53.7V
LP5556602350 mAh60565.53.7V
LP5566593000 mAh59665.53.7V
LP5848581950 mAh58485.83.7V
LP5954592200 mAh59545.93.7V
LP6051752500 mAh75516.03.7V
LP6055713000 mAh71556.03.7V
LP6059682800 mAh68596.03.7V
LP6056562700 mAh56566.03.7V
LP6061682500 mAh68616.03.7V
LP6072734400 mAh73726.03.7V
LP6077774700 mAh77776.03.7V
LP6150481500 mAh48506.13.7V
LP6247652100 mAh65476.23.7V
LP6249481650 mAh48496.23.7V
LP6269693200 mAh69696.23.7V
LP6352532000 mAh53526.33.7V
LP6461683200 mAh68616.43.7V
LP6551521880 mAh52516.53.7V
LP6554562300 mAh56546.53.7V
LP6561683000 mAh68616.53.7V
LP7040401200 mAh40407.03.7V
LP7040441200 mAh44407.03.7V
LP7040601800 mAh60407.03.7V
LP7050592200 mAh59507.03.7V
LP7051552500 mAh55517.03.7V
LP7054562500 mAh56547.03.7V
LP7057592950 mAh59577.03.7V
LP7255552500 mAh55557.23.7V
LP7665694200 mAh69657.63.7V
LP7757673600 mAh67577.73.7V
LP7840481600 mAh48407.83.7V
LP8050502200 mAh50508.03.7V
LP8050642400 mAh64508.03.7V
LP8050663000 mAh66508.03.7V
LP8053562800 mAh56538.03.7V
LP8250592500 mAh59508.23.7V
LP8250643000 mAh64508.23.7V
LP8540481800 mAh48408.53.7V
LP8640401170 mAh40408.63.7V
LP9040401400 mAh40409.03.7V
LP9050543000 mAh54509.03.7V
LP9054563500 mAh56549.03.7V
LP9066674400 mAh67669.03.7V
LP9446432100 mAh43469.43.7V
LP9544502200 mAh50449.53.7V
LP9652583600 mAh58529.63.7V
LP9745482350 mAh48459.73.7V
LP1050563300 mAh565010.03.7V
LP1060654400 mAh656010.03.7V
LP1060705000 mAh706010.03.7V
LP1145512900 mAh514511.03.7V
LP1148482600 mAh484811.03.7V
LP1150523000 mAh525011.03.7V
LP1261686000 mAh686112.03.7V
LP1351503000 mAh505113.03.7V
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