Model Lithium Polymer batteries LP404242 750mAh
Capacity 750mAh
Voltage 3.7V
Battery Type Lithium Polymer batteries LP404242
Energy 2.775Wh
Net Weight 16 g
Detail Protection circuit&50mm wires

Lithium Polymer Batteries LP404242 750mAh with connector 

Selecting a battery for an oncoming consumer wearable product, looking for certified batteries for blood pressure monitoring device.

LiPo battery LP404242 750mAh with the protection circuit.

This battery has a capacity of 750mAh for a total of about 10.73Wh. We also provide LiPo batteries that you need If you need a larger battery.

we also have a 800mAh+ model

The LiPo battery included protection circuitry keeps the battery voltage from going too high (over-charging) or low (over-use) which means that the battery will cut-out when completely dead at 3.0V. It will also protect against output shorts. However, even with this protection, it is very important that you only use a LiIon/LiPoly constant-voltage/constant-current charger to recharge them and at a rate of 400mA or less.

Like most LiPo batteries we sell do not have thermistors built in. This is why we suggest charging at 1/2C or even less – 800mA max in this case which is how much you can get from a USB port.

If you need the protection circuit on the battery with a temperature sensor, you can add with 10K NTC.

Also you can choose the connector that you need to add with the battery, The connectors we use are mainly from three famous brands” Molex”, “JST” and “Hirose”. All battery connectors from Molex or JST are available to add to our lipo battery with the custom length of wires, wire sequence & wire colors. You can browse the following page to select the connectors you want.

Choose the suitable battery connector for your LiPo Battery

Flexible Support of LiPo batteries requirement: Simpler & faster Manufacturing, A cleaner & Greener process, Differentiated performance whatever your application, High energy and power cell for mobility applications, Bring us your special application.

Additional safety notes: Do not use a NiMH/NiCad/lead-acid charger! Also, do not abuse these LiPo batteries, do not short, bend, crush or puncture. Never charge or use unattended. Always inspect LiPo batteries and surrounding circuitry constantly for any damage, loose wiring, or the possibility of short circuits. Polarity matches all Adafruit LiPoly/LiIon chargers and boards, other brands may have reverse polarity and can destroy your battery. As with all LiPo batteries and with any power source – they should be used by experts who are comfortable working with power supplies.

Application With 750mAh Lithium Polymer Batteries:

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Check with 750mAh Lithium Polymer Batteries:

LP193555210 mAh55351.93.7V
LP501927210 mAh27195.03.7V
LP541220210 mAh20125.43.7V
LP541240210 mAh40125.43.7V
LP462030220 mAh30204.63.7V
LP471342220 mAh42134.73.7V
LP442030220 mAh30204.43.7V
LP452030220 mAh30204.53.7V
LP602025220 mAh25206.03.7V
LP352730220 mAh30273.53.7V
LP551730220 mAh30175.53.7V
LP303424220 mAh24343.03.7V
LP651430220 mAh30146.53.7V
LP402035220 mAh35204.03.7V
LP461535230 mAh35154.63.7V
LP551927230 mAh27195.53.7V
LP411166230 mAh66114.13.7V
LP831723230 mAh23178.33.7V
LP701235240 mAh35127.03.7V
LP502030240 mAh30205.03.7V
LP622025240 mAh25206.23.7V
LP273034240 mAh34302.73.7V
LP456484240 mAh84644.53.7V
LP392530250 mAh30253.93.7V
LP531732250 mAh32175.33.7V
LP402530250 mAh30254.03.7V
LP322438250 mAh38243.23.7V
LP431642250 mAh42164.33.7V
LP232084250 mAh84202.33.7V
LP602323250 mAh23236.03.7V
LP551732250 mAh32175.53.7V
LP701723250 mAh23177.03.7V
LP472328250 mAh28234.73.7V
LP601927270 mAh27196.03.7V
LP521831270 mAh31185.23.7V
LP701530270 mAh30157.03.7V
LP332141270 mAh41213.33.7V
LP601730270 mAh30176.03.7V
LP341752275 mAh52173.43.7V
LP601537280 mAh37156.03.7V
LP682525280 mAh25256.83.7V
LP802025280 mAh25208.03.7V
LP273048280 mAh48302.73.7V
LP602030290 mAh30206.03.7V
LP552030290 mAh30205.53.7V
LP352828290 mAh28283.53.7V
LP422040290 mAh40204.23.7V
LP502826290 mAh26285.03.7V
LP482826290 mAh26284.83.7V
LP501646290 mAh46165.03.7V
LP352044300 mAh44203.53.7V
LP641537300 mAh37156.43.7V
LP422040300 mAh40204.23.7V
LP274330300 mAh30432.73.7V
LP421266300 mAh66124.23.7V
LP451646300 mAh46164.53.7V
LP481449300 mAh49144.83.7V
LP451165300 mAh65114.53.7V
LP502530300 mAh30255.03.7V
LP682030300 mAh30206.83.7V
LP501838300 mAh38185.03.7V
LP502035300 mAh35205.03.7V
LP502535300 mAh35255.03.7V
LP383034300 mAh34303.83.7V
LP232575300 mAh75252.33.7V
LP402535310 mAh35254.03.7V
LP442630315 mAh30264.43.7V
LP522826320 mAh26285.23.7V
LP701439320 mAh39147.03.7V
LP403035320 mAh35304.03.7V
LP321672320 mAh72163.23.7V
LP602526320 mAh26256.03.7V
LP532033320 mAh33205.33.7V
LP491360320 mAh60134.93.7V
LP462040320 mAh40204.63.7V
LP322544320 mAh44253.23.7V
LP471360330 mAh60134.73.7V
LP353040330 mAh40303.53.7V
LP552035340 mAh35205.53.7V
LP581736350 mAh36175.83.7V
LP622030350 mAh30206.23.7V
LP581838350 mAh38185.83.7V
LP551160350 mAh60115.53.7V
LP731836350 mAh36187.33.7V
LP601642350 mAh42166.03.7V
LP373036350 mAh36303.73.7V
LP702030350 mAh30207.03.7V
LP601447350 mAh47146.03.7V
LP652030350 mAh30206.53.7V
LP581735350 mAh35175.83.7V
LP683221350 mAh21326.83.7V
LP522530350 mAh30255.23.7V
LP423030350 mAh30304.23.7V
LP652526350 mAh26256.53.7V
LP801730350 mAh30178.03.7V
LP591738360 mAh38175.93.7V
LP351672360 mAh72163.53.7V
LP452043360 mAh43204.53.7V
LP602530370 mAh30256.03.7V
LP541841370 mAh41185.43.7V
LP602035380 mAh35206.03.7V
LP582727380 mAh27275.83.7V
LP581646380 mAh46165.83.7V
LP471648380 mAh48164.73.7V
LP781837380 mAh37187.83.7V
LP502040380 mAh40205.03.7V
LP682030380 mAh30206.83.7V
LP403035380 mAh35304.03.7V
LP323440380 mAh40343.23.7V
LP402050380 mAh50204.03.7V
LP851730380 mAh30178.53.7V
LP501745380 mAh45175.03.7V
LP313437390 mAh37343.13.7V
LP532040390 mAh40205.33.7V
LP233075390 mAh75302.33.7V
LP482930390 mAh30294.83.7V
LP522535395 mAh35255.23.7V
LP552730395 mAh30275.53.7V
LP403040400 mAh40304.03.7V
LP602040400 mAh40206.03.7V
LP582728400 mAh28275.83.7V
LP602528400 mAh28256.03.7V
LP542535400 mAh35255.43.7V
LP502535400 mAh35255.03.7V
LP362549400 mAh49253.63.7V
LP592625400 mAh25265.93.7V
LP403048400 mAh48304.03.7V
LP552138400 mAh38215.53.7V
LP852525400 mAh25258.53.7V
LP313340400 mAh40333.13.7V
LP672922400 mAh22296.73.7V
LP352745400 mAh45273.53.7V
LP542338400 mAh38235.43.7V
LP502530400 mAh30255.03.7V
LP511743400 mAh43175.13.7V
LP623025400 mAh25306.23.7V
LP452248400 mAh48224.53.7V
LP631646400 mAh46166.33.7V
LP802030400 mAh30208.03.7V
LP742235400 mAh35227.43.7V
LP462428400 mAh28244.63.7V
LP801636400 mAh36168.03.7V
LP601646400 mAh46166.03.7V
LP502238410 mAh38225.03.7V
LP352065420 mAh65203.53.7V
LP562828420 mAh28285.63.7V
LP802030420 mAh30208.03.7V
LP602135430 mAh35216.03.7V
LP542330430 mAh30235.43.7V
LP752228430 mAh28227.53.7V
LP652035430 mAh35206.53.7V
LP791535430 mAh35157.93.7V
LP403040430 mAh40304.03.7V
LP652530430 mAh30256.53.7V
LP503030430 mAh30305.03.7V
LP553030440 mAh30305.53.7V
LP602043440 mAh43206.03.7V
LP722530450 mAh30257.23.7V
LP253370450 mAh70332.53.7V
LP471215450 mAh15124.73.7V
LP473030450 mAh30304.73.7V
LP632730450 mAh30276.33.7V
LP562347450 mAh47235.63.7V
LP423040450 mAh40304.23.7V
LP463031450 mAh31304.63.7V
LP852526450 mAh26258.53.7V
LP451563450 mAh63154.53.7V
LP702530450 mAh30257.03.7V
LP453048450 mAh48304.53.7V
LP392255450 mAh55223.93.7V
LP602533450 mAh33256.03.7V
LP503030450 mAh30305.03.7V
LP382745450 mAh45273.83.7V
LP652532450 mAh32256.53.7V
LP382844450 mAh44283.83.7V
LP652535450 mAh35256.53.7V
LP323538450 mAh38353.23.7V
LP562535450 mAh35255.63.7V
LP242973450 mAh73292.43.7V
LP902030460 mAh30209.03.7V
LP503528460 mAh28355.03.7V
LP552240460 mAh40225.53.7V
LP602530460 mAh30256.03.7V
LP233475460 mAh75342.33.7V
LP902030460 mAh30209.03.7V
LP652631470 mAh31266.53.7V
LP492540470 mAh40254.93.7V
LP582535470 mAh35255.83.7V
LP552540470 mAh40255.53.7V
LP603030470 mAh30306.03.7V
LP483127470 mAh27314.83.7V
LP472740475 mAh40274.73.7V
LP353540480 mAh40353.53.7V
LP433040480 mAh40304.33.7V
LP443040480 mAh40304.43.7V
LP451860480 mAh60184.53.7V
LP602535480 mAh35256.03.7V
LP402550480 mAh50254.03.7V
LP283042480 mAh42302.83.7V
LP732035480 mAh35207.33.7V
LP273839490 mAh39382.73.7V
LP652533500 mAh33256.53.7V
LP433049500 mAh49304.33.7V
LP423043500 mAh43304.23.7V
LP652039500 mAh39206.53.7V
LP852528500 mAh28258.53.7V
LP503040500 mAh40305.03.7V
LP508410500 mAh10845.03.7V
LP803062500 mAh62308.03.7V
LP682631500 mAh31266.83.7V
LP603030500 mAh30306.03.7V
LP601648500 mAh48166.03.7V
LP101537500 mAh3715103.7V
LP503236500 mAh36325.03.7V
LP503048500 mAh48305.03.7V
LP502248500 mAh48225.03.7V
LP502540500 mAh40255.03.7V
LP503034500 mAh34305.03.7V
LP503035500 mAh35305.03.7V
LP303450500 mAh50343.03.7V
LP443038500 mAh38304.43.7V
LP452540500 mAh40254.53.7V
LP852035500 mAh35208.53.7V
LP802231500 mAh31228.03.7V
LP702535500 mAh35257.03.7V
LP453536500 mAh36354.53.7V
LP632633500 mAh33266.33.7V
LP602535500 mAh35256.03.7V
LP752541500 mAh41257.53.7V
LP701846500 mAh46187.03.7V
LP603030500 mAh30306.03.7V
LP702039500 mAh39207.03.7V
LP851838500 mAh38188.53.7V
LP901836500 mAh36189.03.7V
LP602240500 mAh40226.03.7V
LP702383500 mAh83237.03.7V
LP822035500 mAh35208.23.7V
LP244753500 mAh53472.43.7V
LP502055510 mAh55205.03.7V
LP392265510 mAh65223.93.7V
LP422943510 mAh43294.23.7V
LP471860510 mAh60184.73.7V
LP453436520 mAh36344.53.7V
LP383541520 mAh41353.83.7V
LP244147520 mAh47412.43.7V
LP961738530 mAh38179.63.7V
LP602046530 mAh46206.03.7V
LP592838530 mAh38285.93.7V
LP961738530 mAh38179.63.7V
LP572727530 mAh27275.73.7V
LP463438540 mAh38344.63.7V
LP503040550 mAh40305.03.7V
LP752335550 mAh35237.53.7V
LP274347550 mAh47432.73.7V
LP293461550 mAh61342.93.7V
LP303450550 mAh50343.03.7V
LP752540550 mAh40257.53.7V
LP632634550 mAh34266.33.7V
LP702338550 mAh38237.03.7V
LP602530550 mAh30256.03.7V
LP961838550 mAh38189.63.7V
LP383048550 mAh48303.83.7V
LP561763550 mAh63175.63.7V
LP373048560 mAh48303.73.7V
LP601663560 mAh63166.03.7V
LP374237560 mAh37423.73.7V
LP403841560 mAh41384.03.7V
LP561563560 mAh63155.63.7V
LP751942570 mAh42197.53.7V
LP612343580 mAh43236.13.7V
LP343450580 mAh50343.43.7V
LP353442580 mAh42343.53.7V
LP443440580 mAh40344.43.7V
LP562148580 mAh48215.63.7V
LP102034600 mAh3420103.7V
LP502845600 mAh45285.03.7V
LP403648600 mAh48364.03.7V
LP552548600 mAh48255.53.7V
LP503040600 mAh40305.03.7V
LP102231600 mAh3122103.7V
LP801855600 mAh55188.03.7V
LP742240600 mAh40227.43.7V
LP902035600 mAh35209.03.7V
LP901935600 mAh35199.03.7V
LP453640600 mAh40364.53.7V
LP802048600 mAh48208.03.7V
LP522638600 mAh38265.23.7V
LP603040600 mAh40306.03.7V
LP602740600 mAh40276.03.7V
LP503043600 mAh43305.03.7V
LP422653620 mAh53264.23.7V
LP305048620 mAh48503.03.7V
LP553136625 mAh36315.53.7V
LP753030630 mAh30307.53.7V
LP602250640 mAh50226.03.7V
LP702834640 mAh34287.03.7V
LP423350650 mAh50334.23.7V
LP393843650 mAh43383.93.7V
LP902039650 mAh39209.03.7V
LP803048650 mAh48308.03.7V
LP842535650 mAh35258.43.7V
LP822540650 mAh40258.23.7V
LP702540650 mAh40257.03.7V
LP802540650 mAh40258.03.7V
LP702046660 mAh46207.03.7V
LP502067670 mAh67205.03.7V
LP502267670 mAh67225.03.7V
LP732736670 mAh36277.33.7V
LP643141680 mAh41316.43.7V
LP603037680 mAh37306.03.7V
LP802535680 mAh35258.03.7V
LP583436700 mAh36345.83.7V
LP355291700 mAh91523.53.7V
LP602548700 mAh48256.03.7V
LP102039700 mAh3920103.7V
LP254265700 mAh65422.53.7V
LP603436700 mAh36346.03.7V
LP503442700 mAh42345.03.7V
LP902929700 mAh29299.03.7V
LP343759700 mAh59373.43.7V
LP583040700 mAh40305.83.7V
LP503048700 mAh48305.03.7V
LP503639720 mAh39365.03.7V
LP682835720 mAh35286.83.7V
LP453444720 mAh44344.53.7V
LP384049730 mAh49403.83.7V
LP553440730 mAh40345.53.7V
LP923030730 mAh30309.23.7V
LP294064740 mAh64402.93.7V
LP383745740 mAh45373.83.7V
LP732248750 mAh48227.33.7V
LP802440750 mAh40248.03.7V
LP423450750 mAh50344.23.7V
LP453450750 mAh50344.53.7V
LP603434750 mAh34346.03.7V
LP603040750 mAh40306.03.7V
LP653439750 mAh39346.53.7V
LP603046750 mAh46306.03.7V
LP831471760 mAh71148.33.7V
LP882734780 mAh34278.83.7V
LP353562780 mAh62353.53.7
LP503347780 mAh47335.03.7V
LP732438780 mAh38247.33.7V
LP383555790 mAh55353.83.7V
LP553639790 mAh39365.53.7V
LP553442800 mAh42345.53.7V
LP653043800 mAh43306.53.7V
LP732938800 mAh38297.33.7V
LP203180800 mAh80312.03.7V
LP463450800 mAh50344.63.7V
LP364942800 mAh42493.63.7V
LP603443800 mAh43346.03.7V
LP872045800 mAh45208.73.7V
LP703040800 mAh40307.03.7V
LP632265800 mAh65226.33.7V
LP703040800 mAh40307.03.7V
LP553738800 mAh38375.53.7V
LP255065800 mAh65502.53.7V
LP552360800 mAh60235.53.7V
LP523447800 mAh47345.23.7V
LP702058800 mAh58207.03.7V
LP527129800 mAh29715.23.7V
LP852540800 mAh40258.53.7V
LP803035800 mAh35308.03.7V
LP483448820 mAh48344.83.7V
LP952537830 mAh37259.53.7V
LP403759850 mAh59374.03.7V
LP801955850 mAh55198.03.7V
LP783235850 mAh35327.83.7V
LP404240850 mAh40424.03.7V
LP553444850 mAh44345.53.7V
LP902934850 mAh34299.03.7V
LP5030100850 mAh100305.03.7V
LP603048850 mAh48306.03.7V
LP483450850 mAh50344.83.7V
LP603048850 mAh48306.03.7V
LP503450850 mAh50345.03.7V
LP603375850 mAh75336.03.7V
LP583048850 mAh48305.83.7V
LP801672850 mAh72168.03.7V
LP952535850 mAh35259.53.7V
LP355052850 mAh52503.53.7V
LP702336850 mAh36237.03.7V
LP803235850 mAh35328.03.7V
LP503648850 mAh48365.03.7V
LP952540850 mAh40259.53.7V
LP703048850 mAh48307.03.7V
LP354545860 mAh45453.53.7V
LP533448870 mAh48345.33.7V
LP603048870 mAh48306.03.7V
LP553048870 mAh48305.53.7V
LP643639900 mAh39366.43.7V
LP305060900 mAh60503.03.7V
LP504046900 mAh46405.03.7V
LP2030123900 mAh123302.03.7V
LP523450900 mAh50345.23.7V
LP603442900 mAh42346.03.7V
LP803040900 mAh40308.03.7V
LP902248900 mAh48229.03.7V
LP553248900 mAh48325.53.7V
LP314360920 mAh60433.13.7V
LP455057950 mAh57504.53.7V
LP303385950 mAh85333.03.7V
LP345056950 mAh56503.43.7V
LP414551950 mAh51454.13.7V
LP553450950 mAh50345.53.7V
LP264568950 mAh68452.63.7V
LP652753950 mAh53276.53.7V
LP783237950 mAh37327.83.7V
LP603448950 mAh48346.03.7V
LP674360950 mAh60436.73.7V
LP653048950 mAh48306.53.7V
LP652265950 mAh65226.53.7V
LP433562960 mAh62354.33.7V
LP423562960 mAh62354.23.7V
LP673048970 mAh48306.73.7V
LP186093980 mAh93601.83.7V
LP583450980 mAh50345.83.7V
LP653444980 mAh44346.53.7V
LP1020501000 mAh5020103.7V
LP2948641000 mAh64482.93.7V
LP2653601000 mAh60532.63.7V
LP1027461000 mAh462710.03.7V
LP2650701000 mAh70502.63.7V
LP1030351000 mAh353010.03.7V
LP8135421000 mAh42358.13.7V
LP1023601000 mAh602310.03.7V
LP8022521000 mAh52228.03.7V
LP7932451000 mAh45327.93.7V
LP7330401000 mAh40307.33.7V
LP7030481000 mAh48307.03.7V
LP6730411000 mAh41306.73.7V
LP6632451000 mAh45326.63.7V
LP6522721000 mAh72226.53.7V
LP6527601000 mAh60276.53.7V
LP6533471000 mAh47336.53.7V
LP6535601000 mAh60356.53.7V
LP6426571000 mAh57266.43.7V
LP6422721000 mAh72226.43.7V
LP6033471000 mAh47336.03.7V
LP9030401000 mAh40309.03.7V
LP9029401000 mAh40299.03.7V
LP6034501000 mAh50346.03.7V
LP9030401000 mAh40309.03.7V
LP6025601000 mAh60256.03.7V
LP5555601000 mAh60555.53.7V
LP6036481000 mAh48366.03.7V
LP8034501000 mAh50348.03.7V
LP5234501000 mAh50345.23.7V
LP5234501000 mAh50345.23.7V
LP5034551000 mAh55345.03.7V
LP9230481000 mAh48309.23.7V
LP9222501000 mAh50229.23.7V
LP5021961000 mAh96215.03.7V
LP4534651000 mAh65344.53.7V
LP4234941000 mAh94344.23.7V
LP4037651000 mAh65374.03.7V
LP40221101000 mAh110224.03.7V
LP3433641000 mAh64333.43.7V
LP3260801000 mAh80603.23.7V
LP9827371000 mAh37279.83.7V
LP3060801000 mAh80603.03.7V
LP6027601000 mAh60276.03.7V

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