Custom Li Polymer Battery LP401230 110mAh for Smart sleep glasses

Smart sleep glasses powered by Custom Li Polymer Battery LP401230 110mAh is a kind of glasses based on optical principles to improve people’s sleep quality, enhance your overall health, and take tiredness away from your life, bring you with a more energetic day.

In 2002, the scientist at Brown University found that there were third kind ipRGC in human’s eyes. This type cell can receive light signal and project to the Biological regulator(SCN) of the brain, and control the conarium to adjust the secretion level of melatonin by SCN, so that to help human to improve the biological rhythm of the day and night. If you have any sleep problems, such as: take too long(over half an hour) to fall sleep, feeling tired no matter how long you sleep at night, waking up eairly and so on.

Then Smart sleep glasses is a good “Sleep Doctor”. You can use it for 24mins between 7 pm and 9 pm for seven days, and benefited from these:

  1. Shortening the time to prepare for sleeping
  2. Keeping deep sleep all night till next pleasant morning
  3. Adjusting a regular 24-hours routine biological clock
  4. Eliminating Jet Lag symptoms for easy international travel
  5. Physical therapy with no side effects, reducing people’s dependence on medication

Professional App to analyze your sleep date and make a better sleep solution, and the built-in Custom Li Polymer Battery size is 4.0x12x30mm with high-density capacity 120mAh, that is lightweight and small. The compact shape of Custom Li Polymer Battery is perfectly fit mechanical design fo smart glasses design, and making it wear more lightweight and comfort to work a long time, completely free of time and place restrictions.

Custom Li Polymer battery Details  

Battery Type

Custom Li Polymer Battery

Part Number


Voltage @ Capacity

3,7V @ 110mAh




AWG 28, 50mm x 2pcs



Protection Circuit Overdischarge Trip Voltage


Thermistor (NTC)



30 x 12 x 4,0mm

Charge Temperature

0°C to +45°C

Disharge Temperature

-20°C to +60°C

Storage Temperature

-20°C to +45°C

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