Lithium Polymer Battery For Hardware Detector Prototype

Good choice: High strong capacity; Work long time; Fast rechargeable and Overdischarge/charge protection; Running well in rough environment; extremely durable, rugged and 100% portable.

lithium polymer rechargeable battery LP353571 3.7V 1000mAh for Fully automated pull-off testers

lithium polymer battery LP353571 1000mAh parameter:

Fully automated pull-off testers are vital device for measuring the bond strength of coatings and cementitious materials.In construction repairs, the adhesive strength between the repair material and the substrate will determine the quality of the concrete repair. It is the most widely used in the fields of construction: civil engineering roadworks, such as the bonding strength of mortar and plaster, the bonding strength of asphalt and the adhesion of ceramic tile strength, coating and coating adhesion strength and repairing materials such as bonding strength of high precision measurement.
It can get accurate measurement data in the following specific repair areas :

• Adhesive strength of mortars and renders
• Adhesive strength of asphalt Adhesive strength of tiles
• Bond strength of coatings and overlays
• Bond strength of repair materials

It has a comprehensive test disc and adjustable pin configuration, simple key parameter programming and fully automated testing, and load rate can also be easily conform to standard debugging. On the other hand, it can store complete test records. Because it has a powerful memory for recording 100 measurements and powerful battery – lithium polymer rechargeable battery LP353571 3.7V 1000mAh, which allows the device to measure at least 50 times. The real-time view of the actual load rate graph can be linked via the PC software: DY-2 ,even connected and fast charged by uSB or PC.

It protects the safety of the buildings we live in, providing critical and reliable data metrics.Lithium polymer battery LP353571 3.7V 1000mAh provide strong power for fully automated pull-off testers, making complex, heavy-duty operations in the past become simple and easy to carry.

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lithium-polymer-batteries LP653759 3.7V 1550mAh for rebar detecter

lithium polymer battery LP653759 1550mAh parameter:

The rebar detecter is the most reliable detector for rebar detection, determining the depth of rebar coverage and the measurement of rebar diameter. It uses optical and acoustics to locate the rebar and visualize the real-time rebar. It traverses hard-to-see solid surfaces, allowing the contractor to “see” the location of the rebar below the concrete surface.The rebar detecter is a very simple, cordless design, easy one-handed operation, and has intuitive user interface. All functions can be programmed / activated using two function keys and navigation. Built-in lithium-polymer-batteries, only 31g, which means that the rebar detecter is light and durable, and will not be affected by the rough environment.It makes it very suitable for use in construction sites.In addition, the rebar detecter can record measurement data either manually or automatically. Manual data storage allows the customer choose by free to save the concrete cover and the bar diameter separately. Automatic data storage is designed for surface scanning. Every time a rebar is detected, the cover value is stored automatically. Moreover, “ProfoLink software” is perfectly Matchs with the rebar detects ,which is a professional tool for analyzing measurement results.It significantly improves the test efficiency of the construction site. The rebar detector that only need a lipo battery of capactiy 1500mAh, enable to measure 99 times, and scan 500 objects.It is successful challenge results in the construction industry , marking the high-tech brings the efficiency and convenience to workers.


Type batteryLiPo Batterie
Numéro d’articleLP653759
Tension @ Capacité3,7V @ 1550mAh
FilsAWG 26, 50mm x 2pcs
Tension de déclenchement du circuit de protection3.0V
Thermistance (NTC)NO
Dimension59 x 37 x 6.5mm
Temperature de charge0°C to +45°C
Température de décharge-20°C to +60°C
Température de stockage-20°C to +45°C

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Lithium-Polymer Battery LP403048 3.7V 380mAh for High precision wear indication of carbon ceramic brake discs

lithium polymer battery LP403048 380mAh parameter :

Car owners know that the car’s carbon ceramic brake disc is an  significant part for car driving safety. The  brake pads are consumables, will make the brake thinner and thinner in the process of moving the brake disc and the relative movement of the brake disc.When the wear up to the limit position, it will affect the braking effect of our vehicles and even accidents. Automotive carbon ceramic brake discs not only are very expensive to manufacture, and also  are higher to maintain. New technological product-Carboteq, is a unique patented instrument for accurate measurement of brake disk wear. It works on the basis of pulse-induction technology, using the specific layout of the induction coil and advanced signal analysis to compensate for material properties and brake disc geometry; on the other hand, the alignment laser ensures that the Carboteq instrument is always in the correct position , to read the pre-etched Carboteq value on the brake disc. Builted-in lithium polymer battery only have 380mAh capacity, but enough making Carboteq work more than 10 hours.Besides, the lipoly battery can be charge by USB.And lithium-polymer battery LP403048 3.7V 380mAh 7.6g is cost-effective and small, thereby reducing the cost of Carboteq measuring equipment hardware, but also significantly reduced the cost of vehicle brake disc maintenance. Whether it is a professional car, or like a Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and other luxury cars, or ordinary family car, a professional measurement of brake disc wear equipment are essential.In a word, Carboteq makes brake disc inspection easy, intuitive and effortless.


Type batteryLiPo Batterie
Numéro d’articleLP403048
Tension @ Capacité3,7V @ 380mAh
FilsAWG 28, 50mm
Tension de déclenchement du circuit de protection3.0V
Thermistance (NTC)NO
Dimension49 x 30 x 4.0mm
Temperature de charge0°C to +45°C
Température de décharge-20°C to +60°C
Température de stockage-20°C to +45°C

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lithium polymer battery LP105575 2P 10Ah 3.7V for Flaw Detector

lithium polymer battery LP105575 10Ah parameter :

lithium polymer battery provide powerful power to Flaw Detecto, enabling Flaw Detecto’s high performance and customized set-up to meet the measurement requirements of industrial technicians.It greatly reduces the burden of technical staff work,all popular aw sizing techniques are included, such as DGS/AVG, DAC, TGC and AWS . It is essential tool int the technical detection. It Recognizes more and inspects more complex industrial objects with a high pulser voltage ,users can deal with many applications: • General component inspection • Pipeline weld • Complex geometries • Forgings and castings • Aircraft composites delamination • Corrosion mapping inspection • On-site thickness pro-ling For efficient weld inspection, Proceq is offering both focused and unfocused PA scans.

And the two channels allow to inspect parts of large thickness up to 100 mm in one pass, in the fast check axial and circumferential welds, with defect monitoring, excellent defect size and characterization, inspection of 6-350 mm thick components, and so on to be fully applied.what’s more,On-board shear-wave cancellation and shear-wave straightening tools improve data quality and detection probability. In addition, the 3D scan plan in the link software helps create inspection programs and analysis results, seamlessly connect the instrument to PC software. It can save the detected data and fast set-up with Wizards and option specics. You can see the dimensions and condition of the object on the equipment screen.

The Flaw Detector is rugged , compact and lightweight.It is more easier to use with single hand operation, easier to carry anywhere, and easier connect with the Ethernet operation.Lithium polymer battery LP105575 2P 10Ah 3.7V are a key part of the Flaw Detector because of the high capacity and rechargeable performance.

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Battery polymer lithium LP7365125 2P 3.7V 14Ah for portable hardness tester

lithium polymer battery LP7365125 14Ah parameter :

The portable hardness tester that built-in battery polymer  lithium can provide All-In-One Portable Hardness Testing Solution, which is widely used in oil & gas, automotive, aerospace, manufacturing and machinery fields. Furthermore, there are three types of portable hardness tester to choose according to the testing environment , as following: • Leeb hardness tester – Wide Measurement Range; Leeb impact devices are best suited for on-site testing of heavy, large or already installed parts. • Portable Rockwel hardness tester -Specially For Thin Parts;Particularly suited for scratch- sensitive and polished parts or on thin parts, pro les and pipes. • UCI – Adjustable test load.With this unique and patented feature a wide range of applications can be covered offering test loads ranging from HV1 to HV5, eliminating the need to purchase more than one UCI probe. In the measurement performance, it has the global recognition of high precision.And it is friendly and easy to operate for users with large-scale touch screen ,completely according to your needs to view the view, which improves the user’s dependence and favorability. In aspects of hardware, it consists of a rugged housing, high-capacity lithium battery, multi-function connector and Scratch-resistant solid touchscreen with Gorilla® Glass technology.Making the portable hardness tester is reliable, ready, stable, shockproof, dust proof and waterproof. Further more, functions also can work well at a wide temperature range from -10 °C to +50 °C. Due to lipoly battery LP7365125 2P 3.7V 14Ah is ultra-thin and small size , but provides a strong power supply, making the portable hardness tester run well without interruption ,and 24-hour availability work becomes possible. So it is 100% portable and extremely durable, and overcomes the limitations of static hardness testing.

Type batteryLiPo Batterie
Numéro d’articleLP7365125
Tension @ Capacité3,7V @ 14Ah
FilsAWG 24, 100mm
Tension de déclenchement du circuit de protection3.0V
Thermistance (NTC)NO
Dimension125 x 65 x 14.6mm
Temperature de charge0°C to +45°C
Température de décharge-20°C to +60°C
Température de stockage-20°C to +45°C

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Lithium polymer batterie LP451630 3.7V 170mAh for moisture instrument in concrete

lithium polymer battery LP451630 170mAh parameter :
The Concrete Moisture Meter is device for measuring the moisture instruments in concrete. It can be quickly scanned on both concrete and fiber-reinforced concrete, such as: • Localization of defects: voids, honeycombing and depth and extent of delaminations; • Deep scanning of concrete and fiber reinforced concrete; • Detection of objects: pipes and tendon ducts beyond the rebar layer; • Thickness measurements: thick concrete elements and tunnel linings. In addition, 16 channels can double the scanning width, and real-time and panorama B-scan can double the scanning speed.For example,20 seconds can full scanned 1.2 meter bre reinforced concrete. It combined the probe and host, without any damage to the building, just gently attached to the surface of the measured object ,and then can quickly identify the suspicious area. Furthermore, moisture instrument in concrete can optimize live image before saving, and can quickly export the data. At the same time, its lightweight and compact design can increase the accessibility and make scanning speed more faster. Even more surprising is that this powerful moisture instrument in concrete only need install a small lithium-polymer battery , making all the high-tech performance can be easily achieved. It can be fast charged and removable. Besides, the lithium polymer battery dimension is: thickness – 4.5mm, width – 16mm, length – 30mm, which means that the moisture instrument is rugged, light weight, and can carry.

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lithium polymer batteries LP106090 2P 3.7V 14Ah for Ultrasonic Imaging Scanner

lithium polymer battery LP106090 14Ah parameter :
Ultrasonic Imaging Scanner can determine the location of objects in real time and its physical properties, then directly through the image presented. It allows the scanned object to become intuitive and visible.As we all know, ultrasonic imaging scanner is not only popular in medical treatment, also more popular  in the complex environment of the buildingbecause of the expansion of technology.It has and has High-resolution imaging,the building can be deep  scanned in concrete. Besides,It has the compact and versatile touch screen to set-up. The honeycombing   and black wall in concrete can be fast scanned by displaying image, which greatly improves the efficiency of building construction and building repairs.The Ultrasonic Imaging Scanner with Pundit 250 array technology is based on the ultrasonic multi- channel pulse echo technology using 8 channels. One channel transmits and the echoes are received by the other seven channels. Each channel transmits in turn. On the other hand, its shell is sturdy and durable, operation will not be destroyed in the difficult construction site . Built-in lithium polymer battery LP106090 2P 3.7V 14Ah is fast rechargeable, power problems can be deal with perfectly.Moreover, it has a portable strap and suitcase, the worker can scan objects anytime and anywhere with ultrasonic scanning. Generally speaking, it is more like small smart computers that designed for the field of construction. Not only to the use of ultrasound on the object for rapid and comprehensive imaging scan, but also through the USB jack to connect to the original data to facilitate the analysis of export.

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Lithium Polymer Battery LP603048 3.7V 900mAh for Vehicle Gauging

lithium polymer battery LP603048 900mAh parameter :
Battery typelithium polymer battery
Part NumberLP603048
Voltage @ Capacity3,7V @ 900mAh
WiresAWG 28, 50mm x 2pcs
Protection Circuit Overdischarge Trip Voltage3.0V
Thermistor (NTC)NO
Dimension48 x 30 x 6,0mm
Charge Temperature0°C to +45°C
Disharge Temperature-20°C to +60°C
Storage Temperature-20°C to +45°C

Vehicle Gauging can accurately measure the performance of the vehicle to form a critical diagnosis, to solve the vehicle in the course of the existence of irregular acceleration, driving vibration, driving height tilt, torque steering wheel angle imbalance . High-capacity and high-rate lipo battery LP603048 3.7V 900mAh can provide continuous long-term operation of the vehicle Guaging and activate the “memory” automatically after the data transfer to the display and save, improve vehicle performance, Stable and safe driving without obstacles.Moreover, even in the floating operation to charge, but also to a certain voltage and capacity in the state of automatic power-off, to avoid over-charging on the lipo battery and instrument losses. On the other hand, it can also be used to indicate the number of changes in vehicle measurement angle and data processing, especially in the future car lift will be an unlimited beneficial use. The demand for lipo battery will also increase with the application of vehicle measurement equipment. At present, both the vehicle designers and manufacturers or vehicle maintenance service personnel, vehicle measurement instruments are essential to high-tech precision measurement tools. Characteristics – high measuring accuracy – power supplied by customary lipo battery – lipo battery charger – easiest handling

Technical data – CE certificate, Protection IP65, MSDS, IEC62133, UN38.8 – Power supply: 4.8V – 6V, 0.8W – Angle measuring range: +/- 15°, accuracy +/- 0.1° – Equipment: USB-interface and serial R232 for data transfer – LiPo battery charger – Measurements (in mm): L x W x H: 450 x 380 x 120 (in the case) app. 205 x 100 x 70 (without case) – Packing measurements (in mm): L x W x H: 455 x 400 x 120


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Lithium Ion Polymer Battery LP402024 3.7V 100mAh for Stimulus Generators

lithium polymer battery LP402024 100mAh parameter :
8-channel general-purpose stimulus generator with filter amplifier for use with catheters from Millar Instruments and Lithium Ion Polymer Battery LP302024 3.7V 100mAh. Providing current and voltage-driven electrical stimulation. Electrical isolation against mains. Stimulus II program with advanced features. Integrated 8-channel filter amplifier with software selectable gain.  

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