3.7V Lithium Polymer Battery LP605870 2900mAh for Wireless Speaker System

Wireless Speaker System using unique Radial Soundfield technology powered by 3.7V lithium Polymer Battery LP605870 2900mAh to provides a wave of loud, clear, enveloping sound, in any environment.

Robust Design, Strong3.7V lithium Polymer Battery – Go Anywhere

Wireless Speaker System has rugged rubber, and steel casing, IPX5 water-resistant rating and high-density capacity(3000mAh) & long cycles life (more than 500cycls) 3.7V lithium Polymer Battery make it the ultimate go-anywhere audio system. And it has only 1.5kg (72mmx122x122mm), which means it will fit easily into your carry-on bag.Obviously, Wireless Speaker System is an excellent companion on vacation.

Whole-house multi-room

With One-Button connect you can wirelessly connect up to eight speakers to play a local source or receive music in whole-house, eg. outdoors, bathrooms, kitchens and non-traditional listening environments,and no need wires, WiFi, or app required. Because Wireless Speaker System has its own 5GHz dedicated network. What’s more, built in 3.7V lithium Polymer Battery is rechargeable, and can continue to work up to 8 hours.

3.7V lithium Polymer Battery has become the preferred energy for portable and wearable electronic prototypes. We collect our lithium ion polymer battery List for 2017 that they are familiar ones with affordable price & great service. If you need to lock your prototype urgently and find fit the best Lithium Ion Polymer Battery, please contact us now.

3.7V lithium Polymer Battery Details:  

Battery Type

3.7V lithium Polymer Battery

Part Number


Voltage @ Capacity

3,7V @ 2900mAh




AWG 26, 50mm x 3pcs



Protection Circuit Overdischarge Trip Voltage


Thermistor (NTC)

10K 1%@ +25C 3435K


79 x 58 x 6,0mm

Charge Temperature

0°C to +45°C

Disharge Temperature

-20°C to +60°C

Storage Temperature

-20°C to +45°C

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